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lunglock's Journal

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Alice Lorna
7 November 1989
500 days of summer, alan rickman, alex cross, alice in wonderland, amanda palmer, amber benson, andrew lincoln, angel the series, anthony stewart head, aragorn, back to the future, big brother, bill nighy, boardwalk empire, bruce willis, buffy the vampire slayer, calvin and hobbes, case histories, casualty, charmed, christina hendricks, christina ricci, clinical psychology, cows, david bowie, desmond's blue shirt, desperate housewives, discworld, dominic monaghan, eeyore, elizabeth mitchell, emily browning, er, face/off, family guy, firefly, florence + the machine, florence welch, frank beddor, friends, gabriel byrne, game of thrones, garth nix, greek mythology, grey's anatomy, harry potter, helena bonham carter, henry ian cusick, his dark materials, house, hugh jackman, hugh laurie, in treatment, inception, james marsters, james patterson, jason isaacs, jears, jeff fahey, jeffrey dean morgan, jeremy irons, john irving, john slattery, john travolta, johnny depp, jon hamm, joseph gordon-levitt, joss whedon, julian mcmahon, king of queens, lemony snicket, lolita, lord of the rings, lost, love actually, mad men, mamegoma, merry and pippin, michael j. fox, modern family, muse, my chemical romance, nine inch nails, nintendo, patrick dempsey, patrick warburton, philip pullman, placebo, pokemon, rachel weisz, randall and hopkirk (deceased), rose mcgowan, rupert grint, russell brand, scar, scream, severus snape, simon pegg, snuna, spin city, super mario, supernatural, sweeney todd, terry pratchett, that '70s show, the big bang theory, the biggest loser, the borgias, the dresden dolls, the hobbit, the lion king, the walking dead, tim burton, viggo mortensen, winnie the pooh, zooey deschanel

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